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Friedrich Plots von Prostata-Adenom von Trott zu Solz 9 August — 26 August was a German lawyer and diplomat who was involved in the conservative resistance to Nazism. Together with Claus von Stauffenberg and Fritz-Dietlof von der Schulenburg he conspired in the 20 July plotand was supposed to be appointed Secretary of State in the Foreign Office and lead negotiator with the Western Allies if they had succeeded. Adam von Trott zu Solz was first raised in Berlin and from was sent to the Französisches Gymnasium preschool.

When his father resigned from office inthe family moved to Kassel where von Trott attended the Friedrichsgymnasium.

From he lived in Hann. Münden and temporarily joined the German Youth Movement. He obtained his Abitur degree in and went on to study law at Plots von Prostata-Adenom universities of Munich and Göttingen. Von Trott developed a strong interest in international politics during a stay in Genevaseat of the League of Nationsfor several weeks in Autumn He spent Hilary term of in Oxford studying theology at Mansfield College, Oxfordwhen he became friends with the historian A.

Rowse[1] and returned to the UK in on a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Balliol College, Oxford where he became a close friend of David Astor and an acquaintance Plots von Prostata-Adenom the eminent philosopher R. Deeply influenced by the theories of Hegel, Trott believed that the most pressing issue raised by the Great Depression would be how to seek a synthesis of conservatism and socialism, which he believed to be the only solution to the Great Depression. InTrott was posted to China as a research fellow for the Institute of Pacific Relations under a research grant from the Auswärtiges Amt.

At the time there was an informal alliance between China and Germany with a German military mission training the Chinese National Revolutionary Army which was largely armed Plots von Prostata-Adenom German weapons and German business being favored with investments in China in exchange for China helping German rearmament by selling the Reich certain strategic raw materials at below cost. Given the closeness in relations between China and Germany, as a German citizen, Trott Plots von Prostata-Adenom a certain privileged status in China, as Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek had often described Nazi Germany as a model for China.

A Sinophile, Trott had gone to China Plots von Prostata-Adenom study Confucian philosophy and learn Mandarin, as he put it that he was hoping to find in "China's ancient wisdom" a solution to the spiritual malaise of the West. Watt rather dismissively wrote that Trott was an impractical idealist who spent of much of and in China looking for the answers of the problems of the modern life by studying Confucianism and Taoism.

Trott decided to leave China at the same time that the German military mission was recalled. One of Trott's closest friends was the British journalist Shiela Grant Duff who however passionately disagreed with him over the issue of Czechoslovakia, a country that she admired and loved as much he hated it.

Chamberlain's courageous lead" in ensuring that the Sudetenland was allowed to join Germany without a war and disparaged Winston Churchill as a "warmonger". Induring the course of three visits to London, he lobbied Lord Lothian and Lord Halifax to pressure the British government to abandon the "containment" policy directed against Adolf Hitlerwhich had been adopted on 31 March with the "guarantee" of Poland.

Lord Lothian told Trott that Britain was unwilling to undo the Munich Agreement and accepted the Sudetenland as part of the Reichbut could not accept the Reich Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, saying that it was essential that Czech independence be restored, and that Anglo-German relations could not be improved unless that happened. Trott submitted an account of his British visits to Walther Hewelwho in turn submitted it to Hitler.

Wheeler-Bennett who had lived in Berlin between —34 and who met Trott during his visits to London in wrote Plots von Prostata-Adenom he " Indeed it was hinted from that Britain and France might well reward the conspirators, if successful, with the return of Germany's former colonial possessions". Adam entered deeply, ambivalently into relations with the Nazis without being one, indeed while belonging to the resistance movement".

The German historian Hans Mommsen wrote the majority of the conservatives opposed to Hitler in no way wanted a return to the democratic Weimar Republic, which they also rejected, instead looking back to the reformers who restructured Prussia during the Napoleonic wars as their ideal and role model.

The distinction that Trott drew between Germany's "rightful" policy of seeking to undo the Treaty of Versailles vs. Trott's Plots von Prostata-Adenom led to a complete rejection of democracy as a system morally no different from National Socialism. One way or the other, popular movements Plots von Prostata-Adenom led to Plots von Prostata-Adenom. Various messengers from the Widerstand movements had arrived in Britain in stating if only Britain abandoned appeasement, then the leaders of the Wehrmacht would stage a putsch to depose Hitler rather than fight a war with Britain again.

In Augustthe British government repeatedly warned Germany that an attack on Poland would cause a war with Britain, in part out of Plots von Prostata-Adenom hope that the Wehrmacht would indeed overthrow Hitler rather than risk another world war. A friend of Weizsäcker, Trott formally joined the Auswärtiges Amt in at his suggestion after having worked for the Auswärtiges Amt as a researcher on China for the previous two years. He met with Roger BaldwinEdward C. CarterWilliam J. Donovanand Felix Morley of the Washington Post.

Wheeler-Bennett, who owned an estate in Virginia and shared Trott's interests in Sinology, also attended the conference in Virginia Beach. Wheeler-Bennett wrote:. He did not openly defend Nazi principles, but confined himself to several recapitulations of the German case on the usual well-known lines, which might be employed by Germans of nearly any political complexion.

In private conversation, however, he used a very different tone, frankly declaring himself an anti-Nazi, yet maintaining that Germany must keep Plots von Prostata-Adenom of what she had taken in Poland. He stressed the readiness of the Army for a 'quick peace' on the basis of the status quo less Congress Poland, indicated the preparations already on foot for the restoration of the Rechsstaat in Germany, and urged the Western Allies to reiterate and redefine their peace terms on the lines of Mr.

Chamberlain's speeches of September 4 and October 12, To the suggestion that a non-Nazi Germany might, as an earnest of good faith, restore some of the territorial acquisitions of Adolf Hitler, von Trott returned an uncompromising negative".

C, where the reaction was deeply negative as the consensus was Plots von Prostata-Adenom Germany would have to give up its gains in Poland and the Czech lands as the price for peace, something that Trott had indicated that he no interest in doing. Friends warned Trott not to return to Germany but his conviction that he had to do something to stop the madness of Hitler and his henchmen led him to return. Once there, in Trott joined the Nazi Party in order to access party information and monitor its planning.

At the same time, he served as a foreign policy advisor to the clandestine group of intellectuals planning the overthrow of the Nazi regime known as the Kreisau Circle. Gordonthere were also tensions between Trott and Bose's wife, Emilie Schenkleach disliking the other intensely. Trott was a member of the Kreisau Circle, a Plots von Prostata-Adenom of Plots von Prostata-Adenom who believed in a sort of conservative Christian socialism who met Plots von Prostata-Adenom the estate of Count von Moltke in Kreisau in Silesia.

InTrott together with other members of the Kreisau Circle became vaguely aware of the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" and became curious of the fate of the Jews sent away to "resettlement in the East". In MarchTrott reported at a meeting of the Kreisau Circle that he learned through sources within the Reich government that he considered very reliable that there was a concentration camp in Upper Silesia that held about 40, people with a "killing rate" of Plots von Prostata-Adenom, people per month.

Like most other German conservatives, Trott had deep doubts about the intelligence and morality of ordinary people, holding that only an elite had the necessary qualities to govern. Trott came to find his political idea in the mir "commune" of Imperial Russia. Trott had a rather idealised and romanticised view of the miras he believed the Russian muzhiks had a lifestyle where everybody worked together as a community while allowing room for individualism, non-conformity, and eccentricities, the perfect blend of the extremes between East and West that Trott sought Plots von Prostata-Adenom Germany.

Trott's beliefs about the need for more "spiritual" society brought him into conflict with Carl Goerdeler and Colonel Hans Oster, who wanted to restore the monarchy and bring back the system that existed up until in Germany, which Trott rejected arguing that something new was needed.

Trott belonged to the "Easterner" faction of the opposition who favored making peace with the Soviet Union first after the overthrow of Hitler and distrusted the "Anglo-Saxon" powers of the United States Plots von Prostata-Adenom Great Britain. Wheeler-Bennett wrote that Trott was "no Red sympathizer" and what he was " If this were to occur, the two states would have many problems in common, problems which could not be solved by the established bourgeois standards of the West, but which called for a Plots von Prostata-Adenom new treatment which should be neither authoritarian nor democratic, but which should be guided by a return to Plots von Prostata-Adenom spiritual but not the ecclesiastical traditions of Christianity'".

Trott was one of the leaders of Colonel Plots von Prostata-Adenom von Stauffenberg 's plot of 20 July to assassinate Hitler. He was arrested within days, placed on trial and found guilty. Fest Plots von Prostata-Adenom. Few witnesses have spoken up for the resistance and few sentences have survived to describe the debates of the "Kreisauer Kreis," the urgent pleas of Stauffenberg and Tresckow, the thoughts of Haefte, Moltke, York and Leber.

Trott's final memorandum — he said he had put his heart into it — has also been lost. Even the minutes of the hearings in the People's Court, where the conspirators were able to proclaim the principles which had governed their actions for the last time, have only survived as Plots von Prostata-Adenom some were manipulated by the censor.

This silence from the Plots von Prostata-Adenom sources has prolonged the isolation which surrounded the resistance from Plots von Prostata-Adenom beginnings. In fact, it has Plots von Prostata-Adenom to what might be called its second defeat.

Commemorating the name of Adam von Trott in a meeting room at Balliol College is thus an act of justice. The Adam von Plots von Prostata-Adenom Memorial Appeal at Mansfield College runs annual lectures on themes relevant Plots von Prostata-Adenom his life and work, and funds scholarships for young Germans to Plots von Prostata-Adenom for a master's degree in politics at the college. Adam von Trott married Clarita Tiefenbacher in June He was survived by her, who was jailed for some months, and by their two daughters, who were taken from their grandmother's house by the Gestapo and given to Nazi Party families for adoption.

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Trott zu Solz in Clarita Tiefenbacher his death.