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The article describes the importance of Massage von Prostatitis Almaty problem of consequences of traumatic brain injury. The study included men with long-term consequences of traumatic brain injury with sexual dysfunction.

The study used sexological, psychopathological, psychometric, Massage von Prostatitis Almaty techniques and additional methods. Massage von Prostatitis Almaty patients were divided into three groups depending on the time of the injury.

All rehabilitation aimed at restoring lost functions, taking into account the identified sexual dysfunction symptoms. Drug therapy, psychotherapy, logotherapy, massage, physiotherapy effects, acupuncture is used in rehabilitation.

Symptomatic treatment was Massage von Prostatitis Almaty at correcting the underlying psychopathology affective disorders, asthenic conditions, seizures. Much attention is paid to the psychotherapeutic work, because traumatic brain injury not only leads to a change in the functioning of the human, but also entails Massage von Prostatitis Almaty number of social, communication problems, resulting in developing family and sexual disharmony.

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There is an increase incidence of co-infections especially sexually transmitted diseases. Higher sexual mixing rates and lack of condom use are conspicuous risk factors Vermund et al. All these findings determined to set up the goal of this research. Materials and methods.

The algorithm of confirming the diagnosis of HIV infection included a twofold enzyme immunoassay EIA study of blood samples. At the beginning of in Kazakhstan there were cumulatively recorded 24, cases of HIV infection, the rate of HIV prevalence in the population amounted to By gender: HIV-infected total 22,; among them 14, — men By age: there was a predominance of people of a young, productive and reproductive age, of years from 15 to 39 As far as the mode of HIV transmission is concerned a parenteral way is prevailing intravenous drug Massage von Prostatitis Almaty among IDUs — Dynamics show increase of a sexual transmission of HIV — The conducted analysis showed a median HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs