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A lot of inflammatory and traumatic diseases are faster, BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon and easier to treat with Vitafon. The device BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon microvibration tissue and BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon by constantly changing sound frequency. Lymph flow and microcapillary blood flow increased many times, which has beneficial effects on the body, it helps to heal traumas, reduction of inflammation.

Vitafon can be used at any age, from infancy. Vibrosoundtouch method implemented in such devices is absolutely safe, as evidenced by several tens of years of research BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon observation. Directly unit with two vibraphone. Instructions for use. Protective cover for vibraphone. Specifications Micro-vibration frequency of 30Hz 18kHz. The modulation frequency of 0. Cycle frequency changes: 70 sec. The amplitude of the micro-vibration: In mode 1: 3.

Mode 2: 9. In Mode 3: 3. In the 4: 9. Dimensions: h90h60 mm. Power consumption: 8 Watts. This Vitafon no timer and other additional options that make its use as BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon as possible and does not require special training. The device is intended for home use and BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon recommended for a wide range of diseases. Maximum efficiency is achieved with regular use. Indications for use Arthritis, arthrosis, polyarthritis. Sprains and strains.

Flaccid paralysis. Sinusitis and rhinitis. Burns and hypothermia. Boils and pimples. Contraindications Contraindications for use Vitafon are common to background therapy. The presence in the body of malignant tumors, blood clot thrombophlebitis, stones in the gallbladder or pancreas, marked atherosclerosis. Poorly studied the effects of using the device with the built-in pacemaker and during pregnancy.

Moreover, sometimes these three components are insufficient for a complete BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon whereas absence of just one of them makes the treatment either too long or completely impossible.

Vibroacoustic therapy enables one to affect all three factors: to increase the local blood supply, to improve function of an organ and quality of the blood, and to restore the control damaged because of insufficient blood supply to BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon fibres, tissues, and nervous centres.

T he main and direct property of the vibroacoustic effect involves its ability to increase the through flow of blood and BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon flow. This is based on two reliable physical effects. The first effect is a drop in the vascular resistance against blood movement during microvibration with a certain sonic frequency, and each vessel has its own optimal frequency.

The second frequency range effect of the device is directed towards the BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon in vascular resistance. The second physical effect is an effect of the hydrodynamic pump in the veins. It occurs due to the presence of valves which, under the microvibration effect, provide a strictly ordered movement of the blood instead of a chaotic one.

This effect was discovered by Professor A. When studying the mechanisms of peripheral circulation, he found that muscular fibres tremble with a sonic frequency. Arinchin experimentally measured this particular depression and concluded that, lacking such a circulation mechanism, the heart would have to be many-fold stronger. T o make the venous pump work, the muscles do not have BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon contract. To achieve the hydrodynamic BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon effect just a trembling with a small amplitude is sufficient.

Therefore, microvibration is a physical factor used by BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon organism for reducing the peripheral resistance of the capillary net and for increasing the venous outflow. I f by some reasons muscular fibres stop trembling, i. A vicious circle occurs and the organism cannot get out of it without external microvibration. Ischemia may exist for a long time even after the reasons reducing the blood supply have been removed.

This occurs, BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon instance, when neural fibres are compressed in the sites where they come out of the spine. The reasons having been removed, the blood supply is not restored nonetheless.

The vibroacoustic effect in such cases plays the role of a triggering mechanism, i. The sensitivity remains for a few hours after the procedure and, provided the causes have been removed, it BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon restored completely. T he vibroacoustic effect enhances the intensity of the process performed by the organism in this area. This enables it to act upon the feedback mechanisms and shift the balance BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon one or another direction.

T he general intensity of the regenerative process in the organism is limited by the feedback mechanism BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon respect to concentration of toxins and regeneration products in the blood which are subject to processing and excretion from the organism. The total deficit is unevenly distributed over different tissues. The delay of the regenerative process is most obvious in areas with reduced blood supply.

But enhancement of the blood supply in this area, in general deficit of the regeneration volume, yields only a slight acceleration of the regenerative process and is temporary. Moreover, by the same degree the regenerative process will worsen in other areas. Some dose of the effect, at that, will spread over to the liver and adrenal glands which results in a considerable acceleration of cleansing of the blood and, consequently, in acceleration of the regenerative process.

For the same reason it would hardly be effective if one treats large areas of burns or other lesions without adequate improvement of the renal functions.

T here is also another opinion explaining these effects: the vibroacoustic effect increases adrenal gland functions and thus production of the respective hormones.

Naturally, it is possible in spite of strict control over the adrenal activity exerted by the hypothalamus in the case of adrenal glands dysfunction. It has been corroborated, however, that the vibroacoustic effect exerts a considerable positive influence on the renal area and the site of the adrenal glands in most diseases when vibroacoustic therapy is applied.

H ow the function of one or another organ changes is a subject for further study. Nearly all the organs are interconnected with various ducts, channels, or pipes.

The free movement of fluid along these is a mandatory condition of good health. Each such transport organ has its own oscillation frequency and its own specific movements. Ejaculation, urine excretion, movements of the ovules, inflow of a secretion from different glands, also occur through these channels which perform complicated kinematic movements.

All the ducts, channels, and pipes have muscular fibres controlled by the nervous system. For their normal functioning they need a blood supply and controlling pulses from the nervous system. Disorders in the blood supply or nervous control weaken the dynamic movements of the ducts. This results in stagnation, pressure grows within the duct which, however, cannot BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon for the insufficiency of the movements.

If this persists long enough, it results in constipation, cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, cholecystitis, and other diseases depending on which exact duct lost its ability to move. By means of the vibroacoustic effect it is possible to increase the local blood flow and create one of the conditions for normal functioning of the duct. The BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon condition for normal functioning of the duct involves the presence of controlling pulses from the nervous system.

A no less important property of microvibration with constantly changing sonic frequency involves the ability to restore the blood supply of nervous fibres even if they are compressed within the intervertebral passages.

This compression can be a result of a local oedema or an intervertebral hernia. A sustained loss of control leads to accumulation of the disorders which causes a disease of one BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon another organ. Restoration of the conductivity of the nervous fibres is BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon mandatory condition of recovery.

The microvibration effect upon a respective area BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon the spine both restores the blood supply of the neural fibres and relieves the oedema and overtension of the muscles. Your Review. We ship Worldwide as a gift! You don't pay duty! All shipping options utilize a mix of reliable carriers to ensure your order is delivered in a secure manner within BPH Behandlungseinrichtung Vitafon promised timeframe.

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