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Prostate Massage is the medical massage of the prostateoften done concurrently with antibiotics, for a medical result in the treatment of bacterial prostatitis. Many people have sought a prostatitis massage cure, and a significant number still do in Google searches alone. However the number of prostatitis sufferers who Video Massage chronische Prostatitis been cured by massage treatment are few and far between.

Feliciano was a bit of a character according to patients who came to the Clinic. However as many patients went on to repeatedly for those who revisited relapse, the technique was largely discredited, in spite of the great hope of the founders of Prostatitis. Feliciano has since passed away. Manila Protocol Imitators There have been, and still are, several imitators. Feliciano's staff carried on for a few years, and the Doctor's son, Dr A.

Feliciano also continues the same work, and largely claims to be the originator which is not correct. Other Clinics survive in the Philippines and one in the USA which seems to have recently disappeared, a symptom of the decline of the protocol.

However patients in exhausting all options often research this method. It suffers from Video Massage chronische Prostatitis of the same problems that causes oral antibiotic treatment to fail; antibiotics cannot be introduced into all the infected areas in enough strength Video Massage chronische Prostatitis effect a lasting cure.

Prostate Massage Warnings Prostate massage should not be carried out on patients with acute prostatitis, as the massage can lead to a dangerous spread of infection through the body. Prostate Massage for Symptom Relief Additional to the former hopes of the Prostate Massage technique as a cure, there is still a lot of interest in the method, especially in the USA as a treatment for relief of prostatitis symptoms.

Self-massage is not generally recommended, it's difficult to do, and unlikely anyway to be as effectively done as a trained person could do.

For a start, ask your Doctor or Urologist if they can do it, or if they Video Massage chronische Prostatitis recommend a professional person. Remember, you are unlikely to find Prostate Massage will result in a cure, and be careful that you take precautions in the form of only allowing a trained person to administer the treatment.

Case report] Excerpt Urologe A. After the prostate massage, an enormous periprostatic hemorrhage developed. During hospitalization the patient developed an embolic insult Video Massage chronische Prostatitis the lungs. To our knowledge no ther cases have been published. This report shows the potentially serious consequences, and we conclude that any pain after prostate massage needs further diagnostic steps ultrasound, CT scan.

Epub Mar In addition to prostatic culture and sensitivity, all patients were asked to complete the National Institutes of Health Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index.

No significant difference was found in the response between patients treated with antibiotics alone and those treated with antibiotics and prostatic massage in all four groups. Video Massage chronische Prostatitis with National Institutes of Health class II prostatitis should be primarily treated with culture-sensitive antibiotics.

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