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In order to get rid of prostatitis, the patient is willing to try all methods of treatment. Modern medicine offers a whole range of measures to get rid of problems with the prostate gland.

Main choice of way — compliance with treatment and disease. That is why it is impossible to self-medicate. Prostatitis can be acute or chronic. The treatment of these two types of diseases are different. Chronic prostatitis will not go away if to treat it as just another escalation of inflammation of the prostate. On the other hand, supportive measures against chronic prostatitis will not bring relief during a flare-up.

Acute prostatitis excludes some types of treatments, which can be determined only specialist. For example, can be contraindicated in some local drugs, physiotherapy. During the acute manifestations of prostatitis such treatments as moxibustion and exercise can be contraindicated until then, until the peak of exacerbation. In chronic prostatitis sometimes timalin Prostatitis assigned antibiotics. Getting rid of chronic diseases lasts forever, increasing in periods of exacerbations.

Therefore, drugs that have strong negative effects on various organs, it is not desirable for treatment. The same applies to timalin Prostatitis with numerous timalin Prostatitis and possible serious side effects. This treatment not just the symptoms but the root causes of the timalin Prostatitis, its "engines".

Ways of relating to pathogenic, aimed at the destruction of the mechanisms of the disease, its development. In the case of prostatitis, you must eliminate all timalin Prostatitis of inflammation and stagnant processes in timalin Prostatitis prostate, timalin Prostatitis all sources of infection in the body. First, pathogenetic treatment includes medicamental methods of treatment. In order to get rid of prostatitis, it is necessary to cure the urethritis. It can be, for example, viral or mycoplasmal.

Treatment of urethritis — an important part of any method of treatment of prostatitis. The urethra is also the source timalin Prostatitis the disease and target. Through the timalin Prostatitis enters the body large number of possible infectious agents and inflammation. And it is the inflammation of the urethra delivers the patient with prostatitisthe greatest inconvenience in everyday life. For pathogenetic treatment of prostatitis include digital massage of the prostate and surrounding tissue.

This procedure helps to eliminate the causes of all symptoms: insufficient blood flow, lack of oxygen in the tissues, stagnation of liquids. It is believed that massage is an essential part of getting rid timalin Prostatitis prostatitis, but it is not so. Massage technique is contraindicated during the exacerbations, with certain types of recurrent prostatitis, the presence of iron stone formations or tumors.

Massage is not performed when the temperature of the body. Oddly enough, but to methods of pathogenetic treatment of prostatitis refers to the treatment of the spine, namely degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine. The proper functioning of the lumbar spine regulates the majority timalin Prostatitis natural processes in the pelvis. A long compression, that is unnatural timalin Prostatitis of the vertebrae of this region leads to poor circulation of all organs located in the pelvis.

These include and prostate. Of disrupted trophic tissues. Which adversely affects their condition. Low back pain causes chronic noninfectious prostatitis. There are many other diseases that can cause prostatitis. These diseases, remaining without proper treatment, prevent to get rid of prostatitis and constantly provoke the recurrence of exacerbations. Treatment of prostatitis by any method and way must always begin with the treatment of such comorbidities.

This means, aimed at elimination of the causes of disease rather than the processes of its development. It is the methods of treatment of timalin Prostatitis group were most commonly prescribed in the treatment of prostatitis. They can give the quick relief from unpleasant and painful symptoms. Primarily timalin Prostatitis broad-spectrum antibiotics. It's not harmless timalin Prostatitis the organism, as it often kills the healthy bacteria.

In the period of exacerbation of prostatitis to accurately determine the composition of pathogenic microflora of the prostate timalin Prostatitis almost timalin Prostatitis. That is, administration of an antibiotic directed action impossible. It is not known what timalin Prostatitis bacteria need to be destroyed. According to statistics, the most stable and appreciable antibacterial effect in prostatitis antibiotics have timalin Prostatitis following types:.

Common in the treatment of prostatitis suppositories, that is, rectal suppositories. Despite the fact that they act directly in the affected area, their effectiveness is not too high. The prostate has a membrane that protects the body from timalin Prostatitis penetration of various substances in large quantities. Therefore, drugs that are absorbed through the gut or delivered to diseased tissues through the blood, is timalin Prostatitis preferable. The modern way is to use a drug and the magnetic candles, for example, based on timalin Prostatitis.

The magnetic properties of these candles improve blood flow, timalin Prostatitis blood vessels. Besides, magnetic rectal suppositories of prostatitis is not merely compatible with, dosage forms, but also to enhance their effect. In order to get rid of prostatitis permanently and not just relieve symptoms will require the timalin Prostatitis of complex methods.

In particular, methods of General therapy of the immune system. In treating prostate it is important timalin Prostatitis strengthen General and local immunity. In the case of prostatitis, timalin Prostatitis immunity of the body goes into a kind of "vicious circle". Weak immune system not able to fight pathogens to resist the spread of inflammatory processes adjacent to the prostate tissues and organs. On the other hand, local and General immunity are suffering from antibiotics and antibacterial timalin Prostatitis.

Therefore, the intake of Immunostimulants and other ways to strengthen the immune system are both the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. The specialist must determine what you will need: immunostimulation or immunomodulation. This requires an examination of qualitative and quantitative indicators of immunity. After this is assigned treatment method: the drug, duration of treatment, dosage. Circulated for the purpose the drug Taktivin in a concentration of 0.

Timalin, by contrast, is injected intramuscularly every day course lasting from 3 to 7 days. As an auxiliary means for lifting timalin Prostatitis is possible and recommended to use traditional medicines. Fruits, flowers and leaves of various plants can be used in the form of infusions and medicinal drink, in the form of kasha and even ointments to raise the local immunity in the prostate region. Pathogenetic ways This treatment not just the symptoms but the root causes of the disease, its "engines".

Identifying timalin Prostatitis source of inflammation in the prostate gland, timalin Prostatitis drugs: Antiseptic; Antibiotics; Antibacterial drugs; Diuretics; Metronidazole, nitazol — when specific causative agent of the disease; Timalin Prostatitis of silver in chronic urethritis. Among these diseases are: Inflammatory infectious diseases of the oral cavity, including dental caries; Sinusitis or tonsillitis; Bronchitis; Hormonal disorders; Injury to the perineum.

Etiotropic treatment of prostatitis This means, aimed at elimination of the causes of disease rather than the processes of its development. According to statistics, the most stable and appreciable antibacterial effect in prostatitis antibiotics have the following types: furagin; nitroksolin; kanamycin; benzylpenicillin; streptomycinsulfate; chloramphenicol. Immunotherapy In order to get rid of prostatitis permanently and not just relieve symptoms will require the use of complex methods.