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Excerpt: Folks, what properties of a steroid anabolic or androgenic contributes the most to the prostate enlargement or problems for that matter? Read more or register here to join the discussion below Please complete this form and click the button below to gain instant access. We hate SPAM and Steroide Prostatitis to keep your email address safe. Help Members Login.

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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Steroids and prostate problems. Steroids and prostate problems Folks, what properties of a steroid anabolic or androgenic Steroide Prostatitis the Steroide Prostatitis to the prostate enlargement or problems for that matter? It's not the steriod, it's the conversion of the the testostrone or like steroid hormone to DHT via 5-alpha reductase type-1 and type-2 enzyme in your skin, liver, and genital tissues.

I've been reading about prostate stuff. Mine bothers me quite a lot. Biologically, the DHT is the androgen that causes the problem. As stated DHT is the product of a reaction caused by 5-alpha Steroide Prostatitis 5-ar on testosterone. Type 1 affects hair and sebaceous glands. Type II mainly affects the scalp and prostate. It seems the best thing for this is using finasteride, Steroide Prostatitis 5 ar type II blocker. Saw palmetto blocks both Steroide Prostatitis of 5-ar, so it wouldn't hurt to "stack" the finasteride with some saw palmetto.

According to me, some other androgens may also trigger benign prostate Steroide Prostatitis BPH. I am not a doctor or a biologist. I'm just a guy with a big prostate. So, I don't know if other androgens will definitely affect the prostate or not. Now 1-test is an androgen that cannot be aromatized, but 1-test can convert back to DHT through an unknown process not related to 5-ar. As for other steroids, I cannot say. Testosterone clearly does convert to DHT through 5-ar process and this can be prevented.

Other steroids that Steroide Prostatitis less androgenic Deca, Primo, Var may Steroide Prostatitis less problematic. As for others, such as trenbolone, I cannot say. In any case, get your PSA levels checked if you can, take finasteride and saw palmetto, and monitor your own side effects.

If you can't hold more Steroide Prostatitis ml of urine my caseyou probably have a problem like me. The question has yet to be fully answered. DHT is an androgen, fluoxymesterone is an androgen, so I can say that some androgens aggrivate the prostate.

Other steroids may be eligible for 5-ar, and would thus make them prostate aggrivators as well, though as stated, the 5-ar process can be prevented with finasteride and saw palmetto. Good info Singleton. Swolen prostates are a pain in the ass. It was tongue-in-cheek, but serious.

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