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Prostate cancer may be a sexually transmitted disease caused by a common yet often silent infection passed on during intercourse, scientists say - but experts say proof is still lacking. The figures my GP referred to after my initial test came from the NHS guidance which is contained in the following link:.

The PSA test is a blood test which can detect the early signs of prostate cancer. The test, which can be done at a GP surgery, measures the level of PSA prostate-specific antigen in your blood. PSA is made by the prostate gland. I am now confused by the Original Post. What is the Prostate Wert ok information on PSA levels which indicate a that there is a risk of PCa that require further diagnostic tests?

Especially in men in their 40s for which there is no advice that I can find from the NHS. In most published series, median PSA levels in the general male population range from approximately 0. Evidence from both nonscreening and screening populations has demonstrated the predictive value of a single baseline PSA measurement for prostate cancer risk assessment.

Specifically, men with baseline PSA levels above the age-group-specific median have a greater risk of prostate cancer diagnosis Prostate Wert ok the next yr. Additional studies confirmed that higher baseline PSA levels at a young age are also associated Prostate Wert ok a greater risk of aggressive disease, metastasis, and disease-specific mortality many years later.

Baseline Prostate Wert ok measurements at a young age are significant predictors of later prostate cancer diagnosis and disease-specific outcomes. Thus baseline PSA testing may be used for risk stratification and to guide screening protocols ". If psa figures fall into the above ranges, then those at higher risk just need to test on a regular basis. If above these Prostate Wert ok figures Prostate Wert ok more attention to testing might be required.

Dr C paper has a lot of info well put together - wish I had read it all say 4 Prostate Wert ok ago - watchful waiting is a gamble - but so is life all the time Men who have first degree male relatives such as a father or brother affected by prostate cancer are at slightly increased risk as well. It is thought that lycopene-rich foods are best in protecting one Prostate Wert ok the disease.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that is commonly found in fruits and vegetables that are red in colour like tomatoes, watermelon and guavas. Prostate Wert ok of all sorts are also lycopene powerhouses.

Always useful to hear of developments coming into practice. I am on testosterone therapy and had a blood test at the beginning of the month just Prostate Wert ok my next jab was due and one of the results was a PSA of My GP has immediately referred me to a urologist. Hi Martin, if you did turn out to have prostate cancer, then there may come a time when you would have to stop the testosterone injections as one of the treatments for advanced PCa is hormone treatment to block or stop the production of T.

However, if you were diagnosed with early stage cancer and able to have surgery then it might not be an issue. With a psa that swings from 12 down Prostate Wert ok less than 2, you may find after all that your prostate is just fine and it is the Prostate Wert ok injections that are variable!

Click through to become a member and gain access to support, information and real time replies. I'm interested in conversations about diagnosis Prostate Wert ok living with cancer and I want to talk about treatment options advice side effects surgery radiotherapy hormone therapy sex life diet anything.

Know exactly what you want? Email this conversation Print this conversation. Posted 19 May at Reading this reminded me to bring the figures below to the new forum. Posted 20 May at I am unclear where the levels for PSA for men through the age range came from. I ask this as my sons are approaching and age when this will be important to them Davy.

That's the conclusion I reached. Posted 21 May at Prostate Wert ok 17 Jun at Dr Chireka: Prostate cancer on the rise, so what? Posted 10 Nov at Posted 11 Nov at Posted 21 Feb at I had a blood test at the beginning of this week after my next injection and now my PSA is 1.

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