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Kommentar veröffentlichen. Onkologe OA Dr. Kuczer Onkologe OA Dr. Freitag, August Protonentherapie. Das Behandlungsspektrum umfasst eine Vielzahl onkologischer Indikationen.

Prinzipiell können alle Tumoren, die bisher mit Röntgenstrahlen therapiert wurden, mit Protonen bestrahlt werden. Da die Behandlung mit Protonen derzeit in Österreich nicht zur Verfügung steht, übernimmt Ihre Krankenkasse die Behandlungskosten, sofern ein unabhängiges Fachgutachten eines Radio-Onkologen die Prostate Stelle im Körper der Behandlung beglaubigt.

Einen Überblick zu den einzelnen bestrahlbaren und auch nicht bestrahlbaren Tumoren bietet Ihnen der folgende in englischer Sprache verfasste Artikel. Ihr Dr.

Kuczer Facharzt Prostate Stelle im Körper Radioonkologie. Proton Therapy can make a difference in a large variety of cancers. Radiation damage to growing organs, such as growth plates and other functional organs can be avoided or reduced to the extent that their functions are retained especially in the brain, eyes, ears and skull base region.

For more information on the treatment of children, see. Proton beam therapy of pediatric patients. These include e. Tumors of the head and neck. Brain and skull base tumors. Treatment with Protons helps to protect healthy tissue and organs in the area, such as visual and auditory nerves, pituitary gland, brain stem and cranial nerves.

For more information on the treatment of brain and skull base tumours, see. Proton beam therapy for brain tumour compared Prostate Stelle im Körper other radiation techniques. Proton beam therapy for skull base tumour compared to other radiation techniques.

Tumors of the eye. The more extensive X-ray radiation would lead to damage to the optic nerve and underlying brain regions. Lung and liver tumors. In lung tumors, Proton Therapy can minimise the damage to the healthy parts of the lung Prostate Stelle im Körper adjacent organs — as well as in liver tumors. For more information on the treatment of liver tumours, see.

Proton beam therapy of non small cell lung cancer compared to other radiation techniques. Adapted from Chang JY, et al. For quality of life and well-being of patients, this is of crucial value. For more information on the treatment of pancreatic tumours, see. Prostate cancer. Surgery or radiation? That is why we have set detailed information for you here.

For more information on the quality of life after proton therapy of prostata cancer, see. Proton beam therapy for prostate cancer compared to other radiation techniques. Tumors and metastases in the spine. The spinal cord can be spared. Proton beam therapy for tumor next to spine compared to other radiation techniques.

Local recurrence and individual metastases. In selected cases, for local Prostate Stelle im Körper and metastases, Proton Therapy can remove all localizations in the body and maintain vital organ functions. For more than 30 years, the standard of care for this cancer has been radiation therapy to Prostate Stelle im Körper primary site and draining the lymphatics delivered concurrently with aggressive chemotherapy. While this Prostate Stelle im Körper a successful regimen, the risk of significant toxicity is high.

A small Prostate Stelle im Körper treatment-planning study of proton and X-ray radiation therapy indicated that proton therapy, used either as the sole modality or as a boost to X-rays, has potential advantages over conventional X-rays used alone in the treatment of inoperable patients with a large rectal cancer.

The proton therapy treatment plan is more effective in sparing the small bowel, the bladder, and the femoral heads. Higher doses are possible with proton therapy and may allow for downstaging and potentially curative resection in patients with locally advanced disease. Comparative treatment planning between proton and X-ray therapy in locally advanced rectal cancer. Radiother Oncol. Particle radiation therapy for gastrointestinal malignancies. Gastrointest Cancer Res. Not suitable tumors are.

The latter includes various leukemias. For the time being, postoperative breast irradiation is still not suitable. Keine Kommentare:. Neuerer Post Älterer Post Startseite. Abonnieren Kommentare zum Post Atom.