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Any amount will be thankfully accepted. Please join us. The address for donations is : Ms. I am trying ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno locate anybody who knows of the smitkins who resided in new york.

Possible names; Jacob, Jennie, Minnie. This is very important. Please contact me Thank you Donal Elmogom aol. A Ellen Bell-Gelt U. S in USA. Zapartyko Previous names: State Archives of Literature and ArtsCentral Archives-Museum of Literature and Arts of Belarus Amount of holdings: fonds of which are personal collections of prominent figures of literature and arts77, items Chronological period: from to the present Brief holdings description: The automated retrieval systems "Name index" and "Personal archives " are working in the archives.

For researches of cultural and national renaissance and liberation movement in Belarus of the end of the 19th-the beginning of the 20th century, the following fonds and collections are of the greatest interest: the ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno of documents of the manuscripts' department of the Belarusian Museum named after I.

Lutskevich in Vilnowhich contains materials of the Belarusian Association on rendering help to the victims of the war; Belarusian Socialist Gramada; Belarusian Party of socialist-revolutionaries; Belarusian Social-Democratic party; the documents of the Belarusian People's ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno, Ministry of Belarusian affairs under the Lithuanian government; materials of the Central Belarusian Council of Vilno and Grodno regions, Belarusian Army Committee, Youth League "Belarusian falcon" in Prague; materials of the Belarusian cultural and educational organizations Belarusian Scientific ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno, etc.

Dubeikovsky, K. Duzh-Dushevsky, P. Zhavrid, V. Lastowsky, I. Lutskevich, A. Smolich, A. Stankevich, B. Tarashkevich, A. Tsvikevich, etc. Shnarkevich ; documentary collection of the critic and literary scholar L. Bende It contains creative and personal materials of the Belarusian poets, writers, scientists, who were subjected to repression; documents of Belarusian republican department of the All-Union Administration on copyright protection ; ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno of All-Belarusian association of poets and writers "Maladnyak" ; collection of materials of the Bogdanoviches family ; private collections of the writer Z.

Verasthe musical critic, publicist and translator Y. Dreizinthe writer and public figure Y. DylaProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno memorialist P. Myadzielka Adamovich, V. Bykov, Y. Kolas, Y. Kupala, V. Korotkevich, I. Melezh, M. Tank, I. Shamyakin, etc. Alexandrovskaya, A.

Kistov, A. Klimova, P. Molchanov, E. Mirovich, B. Platonov, S. Stanyuta, V. Bogatyrev, G. Vagner, E. Glebov, I. Tykotsky, A. Turenkov, N. Churkin; the ethnomusicologist L. Kashkurevich, A. Mariks, M.

For researchers interested in the history of the jewish culture in Belarus in the 20th century, the interesting information is contained in the following fonds and collections: the fonds of the Belarusian State Jewish Theatre; private collections of the actors K. Kulakov RutshteinYu. Aronchik and M. Moin; the film directors L. Litvinov and M. Rafalsky; the writers L.

Katsovich, M. Kulbak, I. Platner, G. Reles and L. Shapira; the art critic S. Palees, etc. The subject "Belarusian emigration" is exemplified in collections of the writer M. Sednevthe singers M. Zabeida-Sumitsky and Danchik B. Andrusishyn,the writer and public figure S. Yanovich A peculiar interest will be evoked by the Bernard Show's photos collectionmost of which are the original ones.

The collection of ethnographer and historian A. Elskyand the collection of I. Grigoroviches the 14thth centuries can be useful for researchers of Russian social, scientific and religious life of the19th century. Today I called Shalom Norman in Israel. He told me that every year he attends the memorial meetings for the Jews who perished ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno Vileyka.

The meetings are held during Purim since most of the residents of Vileyka and other Jews who worked there from near by shtetls, were killed during Purim of In the meeting will be held on the 28 of February. Most of Shaloms' family was able to escape from Vileyka by train to Russia during the first days of the German occupation. From reading the Yizkor books of ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno communities in the area and talking to people I know that it is not so in other communities.

Most who tried were turned ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno when they reached the old Polish-Russian border. Many did not try because they had no idea of the coming horrors. In when the Russian invaded they sent people to Siberia but did not kill any. So most people in other communities were then under the impression that only the communist Jews would be in danger from the Germans and others, especially women and children would be safe. Later I called Reuven Norman in Israel. Reuven was about sixteen in I asked him if he knew if most of the Jews of Vileyka were saved.

He said that hundreds escaped by taking trains and others like him later on, but more Jews from Vileyka perished then escaped. He said that he would try to find the numbers. He told me that hundreds escaped because Vileyka had a train station and two trains were able to go deep in to Russia during the first days of the occupation by Germany.

I ProstataMassager Apotheken in Grodno Reuven why his family did not try to escape. He told me that his father was a guard at the palace in St.