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High prolactin level hyperprolactinemia is one of the causes Prolaktin Prostatitis infertility in women and men. Prescription drugs such as bromocriptine parlodel, bromergon and Prolaktin Prostatitis dostinex which are Prolaktin Prostatitis to resolve this problem are quite expensive, often come with various side effects and may sometimes not provide the expected solution.

Well, it turns out that there are cheaper and effective natural ways to reduce high prolactin levels without causing any nasty side effects. This article broadly consider the symptoms, causes, and the natural alternatives for high prolactin treatment Prolaktin Prostatitis that you can get Prolaktin Prostatitis. Prolactin is one of the hormones that is produced in the front portion Prolaktin Prostatitis the pituitary gland anterior pituitary gland which lies at the bottom of the brain.

This Prolaktin Prostatitis is produced both in women and men. The following are symptoms that may suggest you have high prolactin levels. It is important you do a prolactin test if you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms.

The woman should have had nothing to eat from the night before and should avoid any stimulation of the breast or nipples from the day before also. Prolactin should also be drawn Prolaktin Prostatitis in the menstrual cycle before Prolaktin Prostatitis.

This is because prolactin levels are naturally Prolaktin Prostatitis after ovulation. Normal prolactin levels ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some lab use different measurements or may test different Prolaktin Prostatitis. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results. Certain drugs or medications are Prolaktin Prostatitis of increasing prolactin Prolaktin Prostatitis in the body. Stopping this medications will certainly reduce prolactin levels.

Certain type of diseases or medical conditions are causes of elevated prolactin levels. Treating this medical conditions will bring prolactin levels down. When a non-pregnant woman has high prolactin levels, the excess prolactin blocks secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone GnRH. When this occurs, there will be decrease in the production of gonadotropins such as Follicle stimulating hormone FSH and Luteinizing hormone LH.

When FSH and LH production is suppressed, this in-turn affects the level of estrogen and progesterone and can result in any of these cases. In severe caseswomen with high prolactin Prolaktin Prostatitis will experience a stop in ovulation anovulation. In less severe caseshigh prolactin levels may only disrupt ovulation once Prolaktin Prostatitis a while.

As a result, ovulation may not occur at regular intervals or ovulation will take longer time to occur. In mildest cases involving high prolactin levels, the woman may ovulate regularly but will not produce enough of the Prolaktin Prostatitis hormone after ovulation.

Deficiency in the amount of progesterone produced after ovulation may result in a uterine lining that is less able to have an embryo implant. Some women with this problem may see their period Prolaktin Prostatitis a short time after ovulation. High prolactin level Prolaktin Prostatitis the reason why women who are breastfeeding do not see their period lactational amenorrhea and therefore do not often become pregnant. As time goes on however, the prolactin level do not stay as high with breastfeeding and the woman may start to ovulate.

Furthermore, Raised or Prolaktin Prostatitis levels of prolactin may result in some symptoms of estrogen deficiency, such as loss of libido, dryness of the vagina etc. Studies have shown that high prolactin levels can cause weight gain.

However it is not clear if it is a result of its stimulation of the metabolic formation of fats lipogenesis or due to its disruption of the central nervous system. It is important to monitor BMI in patients with elevated prolactin levels and to introduce measures aiming to maintain an ideal weight and reduce other Prolaktin Prostatitis associated with overweight. As a result, drugs that mimic the action of dopamine are therefore useful in treating patients with high serum prolactin concentrations.

This means that you can Prolaktin Prostatitis the high prolactin levels in your body simply by increasing the dopamine produced in Prolaktin Prostatitis brain. Many people trying to lower prolactin levels choose to use the prescription drugs Bromocriptine and Dostinex Cabergolinealthough these drugs may be effective at suppressing prolactin, but they are expensive and many people experience a host of nasty side effects whilst using them.

In contrast to prescription prolactin inhibiting drugs, natural prolactin inhibitors are very cheap, will produce no side effect in majority of users and are very effective. Apart from reducing prolactin levels when taken on high dosage, Vitamin B6 also has the following capabiities. To lower prolactin, the recommended dose of Vitamin B6 is between mg to mg per day in divided dose.

Various studies show that SAM-e is a cheap and safe prolactin inhibitor. It may be that it is by raising dopamine and lowering prolactin that SAM-e exerts its mood boosting, anti-depressant effects. As a result of its ability to detoxify the liver, SAM-e regulates estrogen levels while lowering prolactin. Vitamin E is one of the most important lipid-soluble antioxidant nutrient. When using Vitamin E as a prolactin inhibitor, It is recommended to take to IU per day of natural vitamin E Prolaktin Prostatitis mg to mg as the case may be.

It also promotes ovulation, improves timing of the menstrual cycles, nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase. Recommended dose of vitex for high prolactin is mg three times daily. You can buy vitex here.

This is also known as velvet bean, is natural source of amino acid L-DOPA, from which Prolaktin Prostatitis is produced. It is common in Africa and tropical parts of Asia. Mucuna pruriens Prolaktin Prostatitis available as supplements in both powdered and capsule forms which are more preferable. Recommended dosage of mucuna pruriens for high prolactin is half teaspoon Prolaktin Prostatitis the powder daily with honey OR mg of the capsule as a daily dose.

It is especially high in plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, seeds and nuts. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that protect the body cells from damaging. They also help raise serotonin levels in the brain. Include foods such as fish, Prolaktin Prostatitis, beans, cheese, legumes, chicken, turkey and red meat to supply your body with adequate amino acids. Apple: Apples are high in Prolaktin Prostatitis, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and also triggers production of dopamine.

Watermelon: Watermelon juice is fat Prolaktin Prostatitis and loaded with vitamins A, B6, and C. Vitamin B6 is used by the body to manufacture neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system while protecting the body from free radicals. High prolactin level is one of the leading cause of infertility in couples today.

Just a slight decrease in Prolaktin Prostatitis prolactin Prolaktin Prostatitis can improve your Prolaktin Prostatitis of getting pregnant. If you notice any of the symptoms, doing a prolactin test will help confirm so that you can resolve the possible causes as soon as possible and start the Prolaktin Prostatitis treatment. Ife is a Public Health Analyst and a blogger that gives educative information on how to maximize and maintain healthy life styles.

I noticed high prolactin early this year and I had the test on the July and proscribed to use bromergon 2. Am really tired of Prolaktin Prostatitis this drugs. Please advice me on what to do. Prolaktin Prostatitis noticed high level prolactin early this year and I had the test on the July and was prescribed to use bromergon 2. Hello Mr Ife, Thanks so much for this Prolaktin Prostatitis you impact in me, how ever i want to ask, how long do i have to take VITEX before the prolactin is reduced or hormones are balanced?

Hey Vera, Thanks for reading. The time duration for taking vitex depends on a whole lot of factors such as how well the body respond to herbs, nature of the problem etc. For high prolactin cases, vitex should be combined with other supplements and taken for at least 2months on the average for notable result.

As regards castor oil therapy during menstruation, it is NOT recommended since it is capable of causing heavier flow. If you are trying to get pregnant, STOP castor oil therapy or fertility massage after ovulation. I was Prolaktin Prostatitis with microadenoma that secretes prolactin.

I also have pcos. My endocrinologist prescribed metformin and cabergoline. What natural regimen can i began to treat my issue. Ife God bless u…. I hav been battling withhigh pprolactin for abt 7months now I hv been on brimegon thou I hv not been faithful to it cos of d side effect I will try the vitamin b6, vit e and sam e therapy. I wean my baby April this Prolaktin Prostatitis.

But none of the herbs mentioned for lowering prolactin level is familiar or popular in port Harcourt where I Prolaktin Prostatitis. Please, how can Prolaktin Prostatitis locate them easily? Remain blessed. Hello Omonigho, Thanks for the kind words. The herbs and supplements are available.

You can buy vitex online here. Hi Ife, Prolaktin Prostatitis have high prolactin and my menstruation Prolaktin Prostatitis been abnormal, bromergon and ovacare was prescribed for me for three month and i am almost completing the last bottle but i have not seen the menstruation since Prolaktin Prostatitis. Hello miss vee, you can buy vitex online here. Prolaktin Prostatitis really appreciate your teaching, I learnt alot, thnk u very much.

But my problem is Prolaktin Prostatitis, since I stopped breastfeeding, I have been trying Prolaktin Prostatitis conceive for the past 7months but to no avail, pls come to my recue. Hi dr, i hav been suffering frm high level of prolactin Prolaktin Prostatitis a long time.

Series of test have been carried Prolaktin Prostatitis by qualified doctors n bromergon recommended severally but the problem still continue. I hav read your natural remedies i am going to try them. But i want u to contact me for more discussion. Thanks n God bless for having the childless in mind. Hello Ajiri, Nice you Prolaktin Prostatitis trying natural remedies. Please mail contact naturalhealthbag. In your post you said two completely opposite things.

First is cause of high prolactin could be a diet high in proteins.