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Indicated in adults and adolescents vitaprost forte 20 mg than 14 years for the local relief of vitaprost forte 20 mg and occasional pain and inflammation. Add to cart. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to wishlist. Voltadol, Voltaren or Voltarol is the same product with different names depending on the country in wich it is sold, we sell the Spanish version called Voltadol.

Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug derived from phenylacetic acid, which acts by preventing the synthesis of prostaglandins and other prostanoids, by inhibiting cyclooxygenase that is involved in inflammatory processes. The Cmax is Vd of 1. Small amounts of unchanged diclofenac in urine and bile are detected. It should be avoided in areas of skin that vitaprost forte 20 mg dermatitis, open wounds, burns or infections, as well as covering the area with occlusive dressings, as it could favor a greater systemic absorption of diclofenac.

Avoid application near the eyes as well as mucous membranes. After the application, hands should be washed unless they are the treatment site. Wash your hands then. Although topical application limits the absorption of diclofenac, its use is not recommended in patients with peptic ulcer due to the potential worsening of the ulcer.

Diclofenac has led to photosensitivity reactions. It is recommended not to expose treated areas to the sun or UV light for at least one day. The risk of systemic reactions to diclofenac topical is minimal, vitaprost forte 20 mg can not be ruled out if there is significant systemic absorption, such as may occur in areas of damaged skin dermatitis, burns, wounds or occlusive dressing. Adherence to dosing recommendations in patients with asthma, history of peptic ulcer, renal or cardiac failure, as well as hypertension is recommended.

No interactions have been reported at the recommended doses. However, in the case of significant systemic absorption, the same interactions as with systemic diclofenac may appear. In addition, and as with any topical treatment, it is not advisable to administer two topical medications at a time over the same area. Category C during the first 30 weeks of pregnancy and category D as of the 30th week of pregnancy.

There are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans with topical diclofenac, but systemic diclofenac has resulted in fetal toxic effects in the late stages of pregnancy. Although vitaprost forte 20 mg skin absorption is minimal, it can not be ruled out that no systemic effects appear.

The topical use of diclofenac during the first two trimesters of pregnancy is only accepted if there are no safer alternative therapies, and the benefits outweigh the possible risks.

The use of diclofenac during the third trimester of pregnancy is contraindicated, since diclofenac has been associated with delayed delivery, and cardiovascular adverse effects on the fetus, such as premature closure vitaprost forte 20 mg the ductus arteriosus and pulmonary hypertension, and renal, such as acute renal failure And oligohydramnios.

Vitaprost forte 20 mg can also increase bleeding time in the mother. It is not known whether topical diclofenac is excreted in milk, and the consequences it may have for the infant.

Systemic diclofenac is excreted in small amounts with breast milk. Some experts accept the use of diclofenac topical during breastfeeding. Manufacturers advise discontinuing breastfeeding or avoiding breastfeeding. Elderly people may be especially susceptible to the adverse reactions of diclofenac, so it is recommended to use with caution. In case of significant absorption, systemic adverse reactions of diclofenac may occur.

Symptoms: Due to the route of administration, symptoms are not very likely to occur in the event of an overdose, although vitaprost forte 20 mg ingestion or inappropriate application may produce typical systemic adverse effects. Treatment: In case of accidental ingestion, stomach washing and symptomatic treatment will be performed.

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