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Prostate biopsy is a procedure in which small hollow needle-core samples are removed from a man's prostate gland to be examined for the presence of prostate cancer. It is typically performed when the result from a PSA blood test are high. It may also be considered advisable after a digital rectal exam DRE finds possible abnormality. PSA screening TRUS Prostata Ufa controversial as PSA may become elevated due to non-cancerous conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia BPHby infection, or by manipulation of the prostate during surgery or catheterization.

Additionally many prostate cancers detected by screening develop so slowly that they would not cause problems during a man's lifetime, making the complications due to treatment unnecessary. The procedure may be performed transrectally, through the urethra or through the perineum. The most common approach is transrectally, and historically this was done with TRUS Prostata Ufa finger guidance. Extended biopsy schemes take TRUS Prostata Ufa from the prostate gland through a thin needle in a systematic fashion from different regions of the prostate.

A biopsy procedure with a higher rate of cancer detection is template prostate mapping TPM or transperineal template-guided mapping biopsy TTMBwhereby typically 50 to 60 samples are taken of the prostate through the outer skin between the rectum and scrotumto thoroughly sample and map the entire prostate, through a template with holes every 5mm, usually under a general or spinal anaesthetic.

Antibiotics are usually prescribed to minimize the risk of infection. In TRUS Prostata Ufa transrectal procedure, an ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum to help guide the biopsy needles. A local anesthetic is then TRUS Prostata Ufa into the tissue around the prostate. A spring-loaded prostate tissue biopsy needle is then inserted into the prostate, making a TRUS Prostata Ufa sound. If local anesthetic is satisfactory, discomfort is minimal. Since the mids, TRUS biopsy has been used to diagnose prostate cancer in essentially a blind fashion because prostate cancer cannot be seen on ultrasound due to poor soft tissue resolution.

However, multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging mpMRI has since about been used to better identify and characterize prostate cancer. When MRI is used alone to guide prostate biopsy, it is done by an interventional radiologist.

In the fusion MRI-US prostate biopsy, a prostate MRI is performed before biopsy and then, at the time of biopsy, the MRI images are fused to the ultrasound images to guide the urologist to the suspicious targets. Several groups in the U. Considerable experience and training is required by the reader of prostate mpMRI studies.

The tissue samples are then examined under a microscope to determine whether cancer cells are present, TRUS Prostata Ufa to evaluate the microscopic features or Gleason score of any cancer found. Gleason score, PSA, and digital rectal examination together determine clinical risk, which then dictates treatment options. Tissue samples can be stained for the presence of PSA and TRUS Prostata Ufa tumor markers in order to determine the origin of malignant cells that have metastasized.

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