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Tribulus terrestris Benefits and Uses

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You might have come across tribulus terrestris during your research — a plant that is popular in east Asian alternative medicine. It has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, and whilst its few health benefits have yet to be validated by clinical trials, tribulus is still a popular alternative medicine in those regions.

It has previously been used to treat a range of inflammatory illnesses as well as for fatigue, sperm quality and high blood pressure. Again though, many of the claims that the herb can improve these disorders are unsubstantiated. The only one that appears to hold any weight in human trials is its ability to regulate cholesterol levels. This more than likely stems from the fact that steroid hormones such as testosterone are formed using the conversion of cholesterol.

Key Point: Tribulus terrestris is a perennial herb Tribulus Prostata in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic alternative medicine. In the study, Tribulus Prostata recruited a group of elite rugby players who were undertaking a heavy strength training program. The Tribulus Prostata of scientists wanted to see if the herbal supplement would have an effect on any markers of sports and physical performance.

Even at a high dose though, tribulus was found to have no significant effect on any performance parameter, including testosterone. The results showed that whether the young men received a small or large dose of the herb, it had no significant outcome on any androgen marker, either directly or indirectly.

Key Point: There is little evidence that tribulus terrestris boosts testosterone, strength or muscle mass. Prostate Tribulus Prostata is characterized by frequent trips to the toilet, continence issues, problems urinating or pain in your hips and back. For example, a study on guinea pigs [3] found that Tribulus Prostata extremely large dose of 5 grams per kilogram of body weight could have diuretic effects, helping to relieve urination.

The issue is though that when nutrients are combined during clinical trials it can be difficult to conclude which chemical or compound is responsible for an effect. The study was also criticized for using a poor-quality placebo drug that would have been easy to beat in a head-to-head.

Key Point: Although tribulus has been suggested as a possible treatment for prostate enlargement, there is minimal evidence in human trials that it can improve symptoms. Whilst it may show some anti-inflammatory benefits, this herb has no effect on physical performance. There is some tentative evidence Tribulus Prostata tribulus might have a beneficial Tribulus Prostata on prostate enlargement, however the current evidence Tribulus Prostata unreliable.

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