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This banner Prostata sondert eine Fluid can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Side Nils Hj. Founa droebachiensis. Parasitic Copepods in the Collection of the Zoological Museum. Kristiania Sig Thor. Litt om utbredelsen av Salix polaris Wahlenb. Die Bastarde des nördlichen Norwegens.

Broch S. Bryn S. Schjelderup-Ebbe S. Odhner S. Olstad S. Rendahl S. Thekla R. Resvoll S. Stejneger S. Thor S. Branch Wilson S. Lynge S. With 15 figures in the text. By Nils Hj. Odhner, Stockholm. On account of the far extension of the Norwegian coast it is, however,- to be expected that many interesting local occurrences may be revealed by continued research. With a view to the completion of our knowledge of the fauna in this respect I am herewith publishing a paper on the abundant collections stored in the Zoological Museum Prostata sondert eine Fluid Kristiania, which have been collected, to a great extent, by Prof.

Sars during his numerous dredging excursions along the coasts, as well as by subsequent collectors. A great part of these collections had never been worked upon until Prof.

Odhner kindly placed them at my disposal for the purpose Prostata sondert eine Fluid determination and description. They are worthy of being published, not only because they take their origin from many localities from where nothing is previously known, but also because they contain, at least as far as the Nyt Mag. ODHNER Nudibranchs are concerned, some forms which are either new to science — 3 new species are established here — or but little, imperfectly or incorrectly, known with regard to Prostata sondert eine Fluid anatomy and systematical position.

I also take this opportunity of expressing some points of view as to the problem on the affinities of, and among, the Nudi- branchia. In order to avoid the publishing of a mere list of species and localities, and to increase the faunistical value of the state- ments of occurrence I have added accounts of number and dimensions length in millimetres of the specimens obtained, which should be a desideratum in similar cases, because it often leads to conclusions of greater reach, than does a mere list of mere names.

The collections Prostata sondert eine Fluid chiefly made by Prof. Sars, as already mentioned; in other cases the collectors are stated. Prostata sondert eine Fluid, some forms also are included which have been collected in the Kristiania Fjord by Dr. Kiaer, though the comprehensive results of these dredgings are intended for a special report. Retusa pertenuis Mighels. State Mus. Ill Opisthobranchia and Pteropoda. Arnesen5 sps. Scaphander punctostriatus Mighels.

Atys utriculus Brocchi. Lodshavn, 1 sp, 1. Cylichna cylmdracea Pennant. Cylichna alba Brown. Vikten, 7 sps. Cylichna scalpta Reeve. Kjosen, 10 — 14 fms, numerous sps. Arkiv f. In these respects, the family is well distinguished from Scapliandridae. Diaphana hyalina Turton. Diaphana hiemalis Couthouy. Together with the typical form there occur specimens of D. Sars has supposed it Prostata sondert eine Fluid be.

Most of the specimens have the characters of D. Diaphana expansa Jeffreys. Prostata sondert eine Fluid, Stavanger, 40 — 50 fms, 1 sh. Acer id ae. Acera hullata Mütleer. Philine finmarcMca M. Särsmany sps. Philine scabra Müller. Philine punctata Clark. Philine sinuata Stimpson. Philine quadrata Wood. Hardanger Esmark1 sp. Philine lima Brown. Kjosen, 10 — 14 fms, 7 sps. Philine pruinosa Clark.

Apelvaer, 2 small sps. Philine velutinoides G. Limacina [Spirialis balea Möller. Aplysiida e. Aplysia' rosea Rathke. Sars, det. Sars2 sps. Sars, Archiv f. Pleurohranchus sideralis Loven P. Valderssund,l sp. For statements about this species cf. Bergh Malac. Unters, p. Tritonia hombergi Cuvier. Trond Prostata sondert eine Fluid jorden Storm1 sp. Tritonia plebeia Johnston. Tritonia griegi n. Skjaergehavn, 1 sp.

Arnesen Aug. This specimen, in all respects, agrees with a form likewise collected in Skjaergehavn, and described by Grieg in under the above name. Having made an examination of the present spe- cimen, as well as a comparison of the descriptions and the figures 1 J. Bidrag til kundskaben om Vestlandets mollusker. II Nogle nudibranchiater. Bergens Mus. Aarbog for Bergen Ibidem Särsradula, Tab. XV, fig. From the latter it differs in the following respects, viz.