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Makrophagen in der Prostata-Analyse

Posted 4 years agousers are following. I had one on September 10th, Beschreibung Prostata TRUS would love to compare notes with anyone else that has had one. Thank You. Posted 4 years ago. Report 99 Reply ChuckP jimjames Posted 4 years ago. Posted Beschreibung Prostata TRUS years ago. I had a Beschreibung Prostata TRUS 2 weeks ago and my prostate has shrunk by a third from cc to 80 cc. From day 5 I noticed a big improvement in urine flow. I only get up two times a night,down from six.

I thought things might plateau after a while but things just get better and better. Sexual function has improved Beschreibung Prostata TRUS now as well I'm on the verge of giving up the viagra as I almost don't need it anymore. Any Australian readers can private message me for contact details for Dr Schlapoff. Report 2 Reply lenny2cancun caringbah Posted 3 years ago. Sharebare Report Reply ramakant caringbah Posted 3 years ago. I've been "managing" the urinary issues for over 10 years now, turned for much worse recently with the uro advising TURP as the only option.

Beschreibung Prostata TRUS Reply caringbah ramakant Posted 3 years ago. It was done at no cost to me under Medicare. Please private message me for contact details for Dr Schlapoff.

Report 1 Reply caringbah Sharebare Posted 3 years ago. Yes everything is great. Still getting better if anything. The greatest thing about PAE and restored urinary function is that I just don't think about peeing anymore whereas before it used to dominate my thoughts. Report 1 Reply ChrisRed caringbah Posted 3 years ago. I knew I was allergic to contrast dye, but the worst reaction I experienced was coming out in a rash. Having said that, I was told I could experience anaphalectic shock at any time in the future.

Schlapoff gave me a three day course of Prednisone injections plus antihistamines to prevent any reaction. It must have worked because I didn't even get the rash.

Make sure you have IV prednisone not the tablet form. Beschreibung Prostata TRUS had the tablet form Beschreibung Prostata TRUS the CT scan and it Beschreibung Prostata TRUS destroyed my stomach. Hope that helps. Report Reply Beschreibung Prostata TRUS ChrisRed Posted 3 years ago. The doc gave me the list of meds used but its hard to narrow it down. About an hour after waking up from the Beschreibung Prostata TRUS, I broke out in a heck rash from my neck down.

The docs gave me several meds to counteract it, but the rash was so bad the skin actually blistered up in several spots. It looked like I had been burned in several places. Its been over 2 months now, and I still have scars from it. Report Reply ss ChuckP Posted 3 years ago. My name is Fouad. I am I have been suffering from BPH for about 20 years.

I would like Beschreibung Prostata TRUS how long it took you to feel better concerning BPH symptoms and was there any problem during the first month. Thank you Report Reply joe fj Posted 3 years ago. Yes I still have blood in my semen though little. I took the steroid medicine for only one week as recommended by doctor Isaacson. As Beschreibung Prostata TRUS matter of fact I got little improvement the second week but three days ago I started to have sever difficulties in passing Beschreibung Prostata TRUS urine.

In your case why don't you see a urologist to treat the inflammation. Did the doctor explain to you why the prostate reacted sensitively to the beads they used in UNC, why it is not possible to reverse the PAE and why they still using the same beads if they were irritating. Have you heard of similar cases? Dr Isaacson has been treating me for it, but unfortunately prednisone is the only option.

I am just fishing up a month long taper which started at a very high dosage. But unfortunately it has not helped at all. There are instances of allergic reactions but it apparently is pretty rare. As far as a urologist goes, Dr Isaacson originally had me set up to go back to UNC to see one he knows there, but decided it really wouldn't do me any good. It is not reversable because apparently the beads actually go into the veins inside the prostate, and there is no procedure to remove them.

Neal Report Reply bob joe Posted 3 years ago. Thanks for your post. Up to now I thought the only bad outcome of PAE is that it wouldn't work and you would only be out some time and expense. But after reading your posts I am leary of going for it. There have been a number Beschreibung Prostata TRUS posters reporting poor outcomes, but Beschreibung Prostata TRUS is by far the worst outcome I have seen. I had a TUMT, two greenlight lasers and a turp in the past 5 years and still have a g prostrate and Beschreibung Prostata TRUS lobe protruding into my bladder.

I finally pee OK and have a very low PVR, but have occasional heavy dribbles when I get up from the toilet maybe the median lobe moving from the bladder mouthand get up times a night on average to pee in my bedside urinal. I am taking dutasteride for the last 9 months to keep my prostrate from growing, which has decreased my libido and lessened the intensity of orgasms but I'll take Beschreibung Prostata TRUS I can get.

This reply has been deleted by a moderator. Joe Report Reply bob joe Posted 3 years ago. Thanks for your posts. I seem to be the guy who has the worst outcomes on procedures. After the first greenlight I had two major hematurias, and I never took blood thinners. Apparently the greenlight made me vulnerable to spontaneous bleeding of the prostate and bladder neck.

I needed 8 pints of whole blood on that one, and the second prompted the turp 15 months later, and a follow up operation two weeks later, and a second follow up operation scheduled but not needed when the bleeding stopped.

I bled frank blood for 30 days and needed 6 pints of whole bloodon the second hematuria. About 4 months ago I was diagnosed with afib but can't take blood thinners, and lymphoma, so the prostate is on the back burner as long as symptoms don't return. If it is growing I'll have to reconsider my options, but if the dutasteride has stopped the growth and the pvr is still good, the dutasteride is my safest option for the forseeable future.

At 69 I've used up a bunch of my 9 lives. After what you Beschreibung Prostata TRUS, I can't see taking a chance on PAE if the dutasteride is working. Sounds like he is having a lot of the same issues as myself. Report Reply terry bob Posted 3 years ago.

Terry Report Reply bob terry Posted 3 years Beschreibung Prostata TRUS. If I have no other options I'll do that. The fact that most people get great results doesnt mean some Beschreibung Prostata TRUS have terrible results. I never heard a doctor discourage me from following their advice because of a small percentage of people with adverse effects.

Other sources estimate at leastThat's a every 3 to Beschreibung Prostata TRUS days. That's Beschreibung Prostata TRUS statistic that doesn't make the news. My prostate was in size and the uroligists was talking a 'supraprostalectomy', whatever, which sounded bad. Anyway, the procedure took 5 and a half hours with another 5 yours with the sand bag on Beschreibung Prostata TRUS groin area.

Released that Beschreibung Prostata TRUS night. It's now 60 days since procedure all urilogical areas have improved. My urinary tracking score went from 26 to like 8 in a matter of weeks after PAE. Also, I'm off both Finesteride and Tamsulosin!. For me, the most bothersome item is retrograde ejaculation buy, the doctor says that'll improve now that I'm off Tamsulosin. Curious as to why your procedure took so long.

My undersatnding is that it normally takes about an hour. Report Reply bob garyh Posted 3 years ago. My prostate was g. I don't have symptoms now, but if my prostate continues to grow I would have.

Prior to my Turp about 17 months ago it was g. When are you going for another prostate measurement probably at the 6 month mark? I would be very interested in how much your prostate has shrunk and if it is Beschreibung Prostata TRUS to start to grow back in time.