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If any of the initial tests rectal examination, PSA show the possibility of cancer, the urologist may recommend a biopsy, in which a sample of tissue is taken from the prostate to be examined through a microscope. The biopsy is Prostata-Test done through the back passage rectum.

It is usually done in the urology out-patient Prostata-Test. The procedure itself takes about minutes. During a trans-rectal ultrasound TRUS guided biopsy an ultrasound scanner is used to guide the placement of a needle.

The needle Prostata-Test then passed through the wall of Prostata-Test rectum to take the sample of prostate tissue. Some men we talked to had wanted to see the process on screen, but had not been able to do so.

Prostata-Test there is a chance of infection, Prostata-Test are routinely given an antibiotic before the procedure. The, the biopsy, the first time I had it I didn't find it, it's a little uncomfortable, a little bit invasive, but I didn't find it too bad.

Prostata-Test couldn't say it was painful, it's just something again that you're not used to, but the second time was a little more painful, probably because I knew what was coming and with the first biopsy I had they couldn't find any problem, but the second biopsy obviously they were, there was a problem there, and they had to perhaps, or in my terms dig a little Prostata-Test to find what it was so that was a little more uncomfortable.

But I can't say it was Prostata-Test painful. I think a lot of it is actually in your head that someone is doing something that you don't know about, you've never had done before. Prostata-Test the biopsy is done through the Prostata-Test passage? That's right yeah. Can you explain what you're asked to do or? Well you just Prostata-Test in, is it Prostata-Test prone position when you bring your, no not the, when you bring your knees up?

You lie on your side, on the couch and bring your knees up and probably Prostata-Test the wall or something like that and so everything is carried on behind you, as it would be Prostata-Test, and that's basically all you know about it. And then the ultrasound could you say a little bit about that? Well that's all done at the same time. The ultrasound is done first, that's a probe that goes in, obviously does the ultrasound and the Prostata-Test biopsy is part, is a thing within the ultrasound instrument.

Prostata-Test you just feel a sharp prick or something? That's it yeah, yeah Prostata-Test that's it. The ultrasound Prostata-Test not a problem, but Prostata-Test actual biopsy thing I had twelve taken each time so I did find it, the first 6 or 7 not too bad but after that you were I suppose tensing yourself up knowing what's coming Prostata-Test I did find not the first time, not the first biopsy, but the second biopsy I did find a little, a little painful.

Can you say a little bit more in detail about the biopsy for Prostata-Test who might be worried about it? Oh I see oh well yes this is the least pleasant of the things that happened to me but I'd never had any pain or anything like that throughout any of the procedures that happened in the next few months. This was the first time, as I say, all the women present said, 'Well we've been interfered with since we Prostata-Test teenagers, it's about time Prostata-Test men had, you know suffered the Prostata-Test fate.

It was an enormous finger as far as I was concerned and then Prostata-Test put a needle through the wall of your rectum into the prostate and they take, under guidance from an ultrasound cinema screen, you know television screen, they carefully select places that look dodgy. And I think six out of ten or nine out of, or Prostata-Test out of ten or Prostata-Test like that of these turned out to be cancerous and they take a samples. Having taken them through the wall of the rectum they obviously can introduce dirt into your system and therefore Prostata-Test stuff Prostata-Test full of antibiotics, a huge injection and all this Prostata-Test of stuff which is not something that that one wishes to do voluntarily really, you know we try and avoid antibiotics if we can.

But that was probably the worst procedure I had throughout the whole of the exercise, but it wasn't that bad, for Prostata-Test sakes it Prostata-Test that bad at all. So did Prostata-Test have any Prostata-Test anaesthetic Prostata-Test that? Oh Prostata-Test, yes they gave a local anaesthetic yeah, yeah.

You couldn't see the screen, that's the only thing that they could improve, put the screen so you could see it but yes local anaesthetic certainly. So you'd liked to be able to see what was going on the screen? It would be nice, it would be nice, for an engineer it would be Prostata-Test.

Did you have any side-effects of the biopsy? Prostata-Test don't think so no. A bit Prostata-Test and that sort of thing but not no, no nothing Prostata-Test at Prostata-Test. The men we talked to had very variable experiences. Some had been worried about the procedure, anticipating pain, particularly if waiting for a second biopsy. One man said he was 'frightened to death' and another man described the tense atmosphere in the waiting room. They Prostata-Test told me it was crucial, they told me it was very important that I had to get a biopsy.

And they says an enlarged prostate when Prostata-Test come back positive it doesn't necessarily mean to say Prostata-Test have cancer, you know, they says it's just one of these parts of the body, he Prostata-Test most people your age at some Prostata-Test or another have prostate trouble you know, I was aware of that, I've been aware of that for quite a number of years so [clears throat] I had to wait, Prostata-Test actually told them if Prostata-Test thought it was important I would go private, I would pay for a private Prostata-Test because sometimes in this neck of the woods you wait a year before I see specialists, no but he says the PSA the department of Urology were Prostata-Test speedy, you didn't have to wait for months.

How long did you have to wait? Two weeks I think it was, two weeks or three weeks and I were in the [hospital] and I met Prostata-Test another fifty men sitting waiting for the same thing you know and there was Prostata-Test bit of tension, [ee] there wasnae that much conversation Prostata-Test that, there was one gentleman in particular he was frightened, and a older man than me and he was pretty tall and Prostata-Test got just spent the morning trying to pacify him and tell him it would go okay.

It's what? I told him, I says, 'It's only a formality' Oh a formality. I says, 'You, you never count your chickens'. I says, 'You've just Prostata-Test take it a bit in your stride, to see you don't know to-to Prostata-Test the-the biopsy'.

You know, however [clears Prostata-Test I got a biopsy. Men described vividly what having a biopsy felt like. Some said that the procedure was undignified and uncomfortable but not painful.

A few Prostata-Test being given a local anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic is now routinely given during Prostata-Test procedure. Can you say a little bit more about the biopsy for men who might be wondering what's going to happen? Well, I went into this little room and you have to pull, put your trousers down and lay on the couch and then there's like a little prong that they put up your rectum and it takes little Prostata-Test of I suppose the prostate for analysis and they put a lot of cream up there and it's, it's just a little, it doesn't hurt at all it's just uncomfortable.

And, it took about, he said, 'You'll hear Prostata-Test little Prostata-Test and then it'll be all over, 2 so it went up there as I said Prostata-Test like now and it went click, click, click and out it came and he said 'That's it Mr, [own name] you can, and it's all finished.

And it didn't hurt at Prostata-Test really, just uncomfortable, no pain. Can you explain in some detail what it's like to have a biopsy? Yes well Prostata-Test what I was just coming to yes it [laughs] it's, it didn't hurt, I mean Prostata-Test was uncomfortable, I mean you have to lay there, I mean Prostata-Test was all done properly and you put a gown on and you lay there and the nurse like talked to you about things which Prostata-Test want to talk about like holidays or whatever it was.

And then you had like this, they greased up, like a, well I take, I take it was Prostata-Test, like a Prostata-Test sort of affair or something which they take, Prostata-Test only Prostata-Test like little clips out. And then they just inserted that and then In the back passage? Yeah in the back passage and then they actually took, I think it was Prostata-Test they took and I mean to explain what it felt like it, it was alright in the back passage because you know you could, you could stand that alright but Prostata-Test was like as though they was firing, every time they done it, it was like a paper clip going into Prostata-Test, as though they was firing a paper clip in.

So anyway that is what I had done, I had 12 and after that it was, you Prostata-Test it's quite alright. I mean I've talked to other people who's had it and like they all said it's nothing really to worry about, it's a bit uncomfortable but I mean that is all.

Did you have any side effects Prostata-Test that? No, no, no they say that you, you could turn round and pass a bit of blood or something like Prostata-Test but no I had nothing at all, no pains, no nothing and everything was fine. Yes, I couldn't stop laughing Prostata-Test the Prostata-Test, I didn't find it painful. I went to a local private hospital.

People were very, very good. I wanted to see what the doctor Prostata-Test using for the biopsy. Prostata-Test wouldn't let me look at Prostata-Test, which Prostata-Test thought was quite funny. They were very, very professional; they were very, Prostata-Test good. One Prostata-Test the samples taken, they took 10 samples, the first 5 I really didn't feel anything I had, I was given an oral pain killer, I was given a local anaesthetic, they rubbed a liquid on, and I had an injection.

The first 5 samples, there were no problems with at all, Prostata-Test really just felt, not even a pin Prostata-Test. The 5th, 6th sample was a little sharp, as if you'd caught yourself on a drawing pin, the rest was no problem at all. They were super Prostata-Test, it just wasn't a problem. Did you have any side effects as a result of the biopsy? I passed blood Prostata-Test urine the next day, and that was it, just Prostata-Test, absolutely simple as anything, gave me no fears at all. Pain is Prostata-Test complex experience, which is difficult Prostata-Test measure.

Men's discomfort may Prostata-Test according to the number of samples taken. In Britain, prostate biopsies can sometimes be performed without pain relief analgesia or sedation. However, over the Prostata-Test five years there has been a growing awareness of the need to use some Prostata-Test of anaesthetic when Prostata-Test a prostate biopsy, and most urologists now use a local anaesthetic, such as lignocaine, which is injected around the prostate through the rectal wall.

A pain relieving gas, such as nitrous oxide Entonox may also be used if required. Additionally, some urologists offer glyceryl trinitrate paste for men with very 'tight backsides' who find insertion of the transrectal probe uncomfortable.

Yes I mean basically I was asked to lie on a couch, to draw my legs almost up to my neck and then the doctor goes in via the rectum in order to feel and examine number 1. And that in itself is not exactly joyful but then. In order to examine the prostate?

In order to examine the prostate and then Prostata-Test accesses via the same route in order to take the samples which sounded a little bit, when it happened they are obviously inserting, and Prostata-Test to this day I never asked what it was [laughs] presumably a machine Prostata-Test some sort and it sounded a bit like a Prostata-Test going off every time they took one and they moved it slightly, there was just this clicking noise and he said 'That's one more done,' and then obviously was moving round and taking more than one Prostata-Test.

And whilst I say it was not a pleasant experience I mean to be fair I keep using the analogy but going to the dentist isn't always the most pleasant, Prostata-Test get on and do it Prostata-Test that's part of, part of the process. So I mean I wouldn't be totally negative about it. To be fair, they did say this will be uncomfortable, and they did say you know it might be slightly painful but we'll do everything we can Prostata-Test kind of ease that.

I have heard of some men who since have explained to me that they did have an anaesthetic in some shape or form. I wasn't offered that and if I'm being asked I don't think it's particularly, you Prostata-Test if Prostata-Test was doing it again I wouldn't particularly say I wanted one.

Presumably it was a local Prostata-Test they had. But I have heard Prostata-Test some men who offered it and who did have it. I think in most cases it was because they'd had something similar before, knew what it was like and therefore were ready and questioned it. So I guess from an awareness point of view it's something to think about but I certainly wasn't offered it and yes if it happened again I'm not sure that I would be particularly saying I wanted one from that perspective.