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Reservation Hotel. Only IRE-Member are entitled to vote, guests are warmly welcome. It would be his third term of office as EU-Commissioner, provided that the new EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen includes him in her staff proposal to the parliament.

This gives Austria a strong position in the European Commission. Summt in der Prostata the Date! Board approves extension:. The Institute of the Regions of Europe is pleased to announce that at the board meeting on 13 Februarythe enlargement of the board of the institute to four persons was decided. This paved the way for Prof. Dr Josef Schöchl, who has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Summt in der Prostata sinceto being admitted to the Board of Directors as a new member.

The new IRE board: Dr. Helmut Falschlehner, Univ. Franz Schausberger, dr. Stefan Eder and Prof. Josef Schöchl from left to right Prof. Dr Schöchl was born in Salzburg and studied veterinary medicine and political science summt in der Prostata and In he promovated as Dr med. Until he worked as a practical veterinarian and official veterinarian at the Veterinary Office of the Summt in der Prostata of Salzburg. He then became a veterinarian for food in Between and he was community party chairman in Eugendorf and local council.

Between andhe also held the function of Deputy District Party Chairman of the ÖVP Flachgau and was elected in to the district party chairman. Since Prof. The 8th European Summit of Regions and Cities, held in Bucharest on 14 and 15 March, brought together local, regional, national and EU decision-makers from across Europe to discuss the future of the European Union.

As delegation from Salzburg, Brigitta Pallauf and Franz Schausberger represented the interests of the region there. More than regional and local politicians took the opportunity to discuss summt in der Prostata Committee of Regions CoR statement on the summt in der Prostata of the EU, which has to include regions and cities more. The declaration is intended to essentially renew Europe and it stresses the fundamental importance of regions and cities in the European Union. Franz Schausberger noted that the main problem in implementing the principle of subsidiary is the diversity of regions and municipalities.

This would be even intensified by an extension of the EU to the Western Balkan regions, as they are strongly centralistic in their organization. There had been no improvement in the position of the regions and municipalities under the Treaty of Lisbon, which rests with both the Member States and the EU itself. The trend towards autocratic governments in the EU is linked to centralization. This applies also and especially to Romania. Franz Schausberger introduced Austria as an example of a balance between local, regional and national competences.

The Declaration calls on the EU to strengthen its regions and cities and engage citizens more. With modern challenges summt in der Prostata as climate change or globalization, the EU must quickly agree on ambitious plans for the future.

Ultimately, this can only be achieved with greater decentralization. Renewed meeting with President of Republika Srpska:. Although more than five months have passed since the elections in early Octoberno government has yet been formed at the state level. Difficult is the formation of a government in the BiH Federation and in some cantons.

Chairman of IRE Board receives invitation:. The Bucharest University of Economics was founded in by the Romanian King Carol I, consists of 10 faculties and has about 22, students.

In the middle Cristian Macedonschi, city council of the German minority in the city of Brasov.