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Registriert seit The Sugar Myth. Countless internet sites advise the unwary to give up sugar. Going easy on sugar is an excellent idea, but abstainers may have the misguided impression that they are preventing or starving cancer. The body tightly regulates the level of glucose in the blood. If we could bring glucose down below the normal range, we would be inducing hypoglycemia, which is no fun at all.

It is true that cancer cells generally have an increased appetite for glucose, but availability does not drive usage. The cancer Prostatakrebs im Stadium take what they want, just like other cells.

With other cancers a PET scan with radio-labeled glucose can be used. This is not effective for prostate cancer, which continues to favor fatty acids. Insulin resistance is one of the markers of the Metabolic Syndrome. Surprisingly, while diabetics get more cancer of every other type, they get less prostate cancer. In the pre-diabetic state, the body produces more insulin to try to overcome the loss of insulin sensitivity.

This suggests that insulin may be an important driver of prostate cancer. It is therefore prudent for men to rein-in insulin production. Why triglycerides? Why the emphasis on sugar? Table sugar consists of units of glucose joined with units of fructose. When broken apart, the glucose is readily taken up into the blood. But the biological fate of all carbohydrate is glucose. With simple carbs, glucose appears in the blood faster. Fat slows down the digestion of carbs. One can lose weight on his diet, since he recommends carbs that have a lot of fiber.

This is really a way of reducing calories by adding bulk to meals. But triglycerides due to glucose spikes are preferentially stored as dangerous visceral fat. Fat around the Prostatakrebs im Stadium is associated with more aggressive cancer. Otto Warburg. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.

The fact that cancer switches to an inefficient process that necessitates a higher uptake of glucose the Warburg Effecthas led people to Prostatakrebs im Stadium that dietary sugar directly drives cancer growth.

Not so. What does the medical profession say? All cells, including cancer cells, depend on blood sugar glucose for Prostatakrebs im Stadium. But giving more sugar to cancer cells doesn't speed their growth.

Likewise, depriving cancer cells of sugar doesn't slow their growth. This can happen during excessive exercise. But cancer cells often switch to anaerobic respiration even before oxygen becomes scarce. The crazy thing about that is the degree of inefficiency.

They are sucking up a lot of glucose. One of significant characteristics of prostate cancer is slow glycolysis and low FDG avidity. Increased fatty acid utilization in prostate cancer provides both ATP and acetyl-coenzyme A CoA ; subsequently, increased availability of acetyl-CoA makes acceleration of citrate oxidation possible, which is an important Prostatakrebs im Stadium source as well.

Dominant fatty acid metabolism rather than glycolysis has the potential to be the basis for imaging diagnosis and targeted treatment of prostate cancer.

Chronic glucose spikes can lead to insulin resistance, which, in the pre-diabetic, means elevated levels. Insulin is a PCa growth factor. The body does not like blood glucose to Prostatakrebs im Stadium elevated. Insulin Prostatakrebs im Stadium supposed to facilitate the removal of circulating glucose into tissue.

When insulin is chronically elevated, tissues become resistant. One way around this is the conversion of glucose to triglycerides, which are then stored Prostatakrebs im Stadium fat cells. Carbs can quickly end up as stored fat triglycerides when there is insulin resistance. I think that is more prudent. On top of that, there is a big jump in the VLDL- cholesterol level. Cancer cells like to accumulate Prostatakrebs im Stadium. This has an added significance in PCa, where cholesterol can be used directly to manufacture androgens.

These findings confirm previous study, which indicate that prostate cancer is a component of metabolic syndrome. Moreover, these data indicate that hyperinsulinaemia and other metabolic disorders precede deaths caused by prostate cancer. Thus, our data support Prostatakrebs im Stadium hypothesis that hyperinsulinaemia is a promoter of clinical prostate cancer. Furthermore, our data suggest that the insulin level could be used as a marker of prostate cancer prognosis and tumour aggressiveness, regardless of the patient's prostate cancer stage, cancer grade and PSA level.

Periprostatic Fat fat around the prostate There are many studies, but they say Prostatakrebs im Stadium same thing. Periprostatic fat ratio is a better predictor of higher Gleason score compared with periprostatic fat volume and may be an important risk factor in diagnosing patients with higher grade prostate cancer.

Fat secretes a number of hormones, but estradiol might be particularly important in the context of the prostate. The Mediterranean diet is widely considered Prostatakrebs im Stadium be so heart-healthy that many men assume it to be low-fat.

Au contraire! He is also a fan of Barry Sears. Sears created the Zone diet many years ago. It must be broken apart during digestion before Prostatakrebs im Stadium. The glucose is immediately available to the body. It does come with micronutrients, but at a steep price. I doubt that fruit played a significant role in our evolution, but we are now encouraged to eat several portions every day. Given the ratio of sugar to nutrients, that is dubious advice.

There is often nearly as much unconjugated glucose as fructose. Fructose is processed to glucose by the liver, but Prostatakrebs im Stadium process is slow. It has long been used as a safe sweetener for diabetics. Fructose is not liver-friendly. Best to limit intake. Rudi61 Gast. Zitat von ElemanJ. Hier eine Zusammenfassung vieler Studien zu diesem Thema leide in Englisch:. Danke Rudi Der Zuckermythos.

Unzählige Internetseiten raten den Unvorsichtigen, auf Zucker zu verzichten. Zucker zu schonen ist eine ausgezeichnete Idee, aber Abstinenzler können den fehlgeleiteten Eindruck haben, dass sie Krebs verhindern oder verhungern. Der Körper reguliert den Glukosespiegel im Blut straff. Es ist wahr, dass Krebszellen im Allgemeinen einen erhöhten Appetit auf Glukose haben, aber die Verfügbarkeit treibt die Nutzung nicht voran. Die Krebszellen nehmen sich, was sie wollen, genau wie andere Zellen.

Die von normalen Prostatazellen bevorzugten Kraftstoffe sind Fettsäuren - nicht Glukose. Dies ist nicht wirksam bei Prostatakrebs, der weiterhin Fettsäuren bevorzugt. A2 Zucker- und Insulinresistenz. Die Insulinresistenz ist einer der Marker des Metabolischen Syndroms. MetS ist mit vielen chronischen Krankheiten verbunden - insbesondere mit Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen. Überraschenderweise, während Diabetiker mehr Krebs jeder anderen Art bekommen, bekommen sie weniger Prostatakrebs.

Im vordiabetischen Zustand produziert der Körper mehr Insulin, um den Prostatakrebs im Stadium der Insulinempfindlichkeit zu überwinden. Im diabetischen Zustand sind die insulinproduzierenden Zellen ausgebrannt und der Körper kann die Nachfrage nicht mehr decken.

Dies deutet darauf hin, dass Insulin ein wichtiger Treiber für Prostatakrebs sein kann. Es ist daher ratsam, dass Männer die Insulinproduktion wieder aufnehmen.