In der Prostata concretions


Was ist die Laser-Bestrahlung der Prostata

Calculous disease of the urinary tract is probably as old as mankind itself. At-tempts at cure and prevention of this painful affliction may be traced back to the very beginning of the healing art. In the meantime there has been no alteration in the composition of calculi but a very considerable shift in their relative distribution within the urinary tract: bladder and other calculi related to infection are nowadays overshadowed by calcium oxalate calculi of the kidney and ureter.

Despite our understanding of the tendency for such calculi to occur in showers in der Prostata concretions in the face of all the recent successes in prophylaxis and treatment, most countries have seen a trend toward an increasing incidence of urinary calculi.

The consequences represent a medical, in der Prostata concretions and an economic problem. The worldwide extent of the usually interdisciplinary research effort directed at urinary calculi is reflected both in the extensive literature, reviewed for the period to in the Handbook in der Prostata concretions Urology, Volume X B Oshamer et al.

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