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Urologie - Aquablation zur Therapie der gutartigen Prostatavergrößerung

Wo tun, um die Operation an der Prostata

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Abbreviations Explained, Introduction, List of Books referred to. Balsamum Perayianum to Bnchu Folia. Kamala to Erameria Radix. Lac to Lupulus, Magnesia to Myrrha, Nectaudne Cortex to Niix Vomica. Oleum Amygdaloi to Oxymel Scilla? Appendix — 1. Tables Regulating the Doses, 2. Weights and Measures of the Metrical system. Paob 4. Relations of the Weights and Measures between the Two Systems, 5. Weights and Measures used in Germany, 6.

Symbols and Equivalent Weights of the Elementary Bodies. Index of Synonyms, 2. Index of Authors of Prescriptions, 3. Index of Diseases and Prescriptions, 4. Additional Index, 6. Author unknown. By the selection of the above motto I intend to indicate that this volume, although containing many prescriptions, is not adapted for popular use Eichenrinde an der Prostata a dictionary of receipts, or as a vade mecum for the sick ; but that its purpose is that of a book of reference for the busy practi- tioner, whose memory may now and then require assistance, or who may wish to be guided, in difficult cases, by the formulas of others.

The typo and character of a disease are influenced also by the changes of the atmosphere, by the quality of the air that the patient breathes, by the climate, and by various geographical, cosmological, and telluric condi- tions, and are liable accordingly to variations, over and above those induced by the special peculiarities of the affected person.

These considerations suffice to show the imprudence, not to say the folly, of adopting the first formula that may offer when a malady has to be grappled with. In order to a right treatment, it is imperative, first to make a correct diagnosis, t. Eichenrinde an der Prostata with this various information, and knowing the action and effects of the various remedies appropriate to the malady before us, we select the one suitable to this special case, guided partly by our own experience, partly by the experience of others.

It is not sufiicient, moreover, to note merely the pntminent symptom uf a disease, and to try to act upon it with the help of the first pre- scription that may offer.

It requires also many years of study ; the careful perusal of many books, and of the records of many men's thoughts and ex- perience; a thorough acquaintance, too, with the ordinary laws of nature, and with the structure of the human frame; and, above all, plenty of careful personal observation. Far less can it be learned from a few lines as to the composition of a medicine, or what malady that medicine is adapted to, and to which we have first found our way by means of an index.

There is more probability of harm being done than good. So to view the matter and to act conformably, appears to be like throwing a heavy piece of iron into a dark room, filled with glass and porcelain orna- ments, with the object of killing some creature, whose presence there is Eichenrinde an der Prostata only by the noise it makes.

Some valuable vase is sore to be broken sooner than the missile will find its mark. Having thus labelled my work with the word Poison, as a cantion to the non-professional and the Eichenrinde an der Prostata, I address myself to that portion of the public for whose benefit I have expended so many hours. The book is simply one of reference, contains plenty of information upon materia medica and therapeutics, for those whose time is valuable and whose memory is overburdened. Before proceeding to describe the plan of the Eichenrinde an der Prostata, I wish to state that I Eichenrinde an der Prostata in no degree opposed to lifting the veil of mysticism from the healing art, nor to the enlightenment of the public.

It is quite as important to Eichenrinde an der Prostata out to him whatever is harmful, and to teach him how to avoid injury, and to avert it should he be threatened. This sanctum sanctorum of medical science comprises Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and no one ought to be allowed to enter the sacred area before he has passed through all the other portions of the glorious edifice, and has made himself Eichenrinde an der Prostata acquainted with their contents.

We do not live in an era of superstition, but of enlightenment, and the great task of the physician Ib not so much to destroy evil as to remove its origin, to eradicate the germinal sources of disease, and to prevent the possibility of its development. Prevention of disease is always the paramount desire of the humane physician ; but in order to cany out this important principle, it is requisite that he should have the assistance of the public.

This latter object can be attained by dif- fusing knowledge of the fundamental laws and conditions of the exist- ence and of the maintenance of the human irame. Thus will the Eichenrinde an der Prostata and the public meet and co-operate in the benevolent path of common welfare. The purpose of this work is to give a tabular arrangement of all drugs specified in the British Pharmacopoeia of Every table is divided into six parts — 1.

An Index of Eichenrinde an der Prostata whole body of synonyms is given at the end of the book, so that any synonym can easily be found. This may be of great service to the profession, and assist in understanding the writers of old, as well as those of the present time, as found in foreign medical newspapers and books written in other languages than the English. Further, it may enable the druggist and chemist to dis- pense prescriptions where the nomenclature of the British Pharmacopoeia is deviated from, as well as foreign prescriptions.

Physiologieal Effects and Therapeutics. Form and Doses. An Index Eichenrinde an der Prostata prescriptions, diseases, and authors, is given at the end of the book. If encouraged by the recep- tion it may have from the profession, I intend to add to it a second, and, if necessary, a third volume, containing all the drugs except those of the British Pharmacopoeia ; tables of mineral waters, of dietetics, of chemical tests, and Eichenrinde an der Prostata tables.

May this work prove a useful reference-book, and save much valuable time of the profession, and I shall feel fully recompensed for the hours of labour I have devoted for its publication. Anthtm, E. AtTicnuifinf J. Barbicr, Beasley, H. British Pharmacopceia Copland, J. Cullm, W. EuUnbuarg, A, Farrt, Eichenrinde an der Prostata. J,Ghtrrod, A. B, Chrecnf H, Rarris, W. Iforaley, J. Hufdand, C.

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Gotttngen, Paris, The Book of Prescriptions. London, Kieff, Formulaire de Montpellier. A Dictionary of Practical Medicine. A Treatise of the Materia Medica. Edin- burgh, Ber- I Un, Eichenrinde an der Prostata