Echinococcus in der Prostata

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Mit e. Sie können e. Der Test läuft automatisch und formlos aus. Es kann nur einmal getestet werden. Med Chirurgie 14 Tage kostenlos testen keine Print-Zeitschrift enthalten. Erweiterte Suche. Springer Medizin. Zurück zum Suchergebnis. Abstract Background Various species and infraspecific forms of the cestode genus Echinococcus are causative agents of human echinococcosis.

Pathology, epidemiology and geographical occurrence vary widely between the different Echinococcus taxa. As a general rule, those forms of echinococcosis that are transmitted mainly by wild animals are rather rare, due to limited contact between humans and Echinococcus in der Prostata. This is the case with alveolar echinococcosis AE caused Echinococcus in der Prostata Echinococcus multilocularisthe 'fox tapeworm' except in regions where domestic dogs are heavily involved in the lifecycleand for the South American endemic species E.

On the other hand, most forms of cystic echinococcosis CE are transmitted in domestic lifecycles involving dogs and livestock and constitute an emerging public health problem, especially in regions with extensive livestock husbandry and non-supervised slaughter.

Method This review focuses on two fields where a wealth of new information became available in recent years. Results and conclusions New data demonstrate that ' Echinococcus in der Prostata. This fact may explain the unequal distribution of high-endemicity areas for human CE on regional scales, which previously, has been attributed to differences in human behaviour.

In addition, new data suggest that E. Moreover, the lifecycle involving wild foxes and rodents is rapidly becoming 'urbanised' Echinococcus in der Prostata to the recent establishment of fox populations in cities and towns. This shift from sylvatic to synanthropic occurrence is likely to result in an increased pressure on the human population of infection from AE.

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