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Prostatitis pp Cite as. Bacterial prostatitis is a rare infection but one difficult to treat Meares ; only a few antibiotics are suitable for sufficiently penetrating prostatic fluid Stamey et al.

Usually cotrimoxazole and to a lesser extent trimethoprim alone have been used, but with poor results Table 1. Other antibiotics have also not improved the clinical outcome in patients followed-up for a sufficient period of time Table 2. One exception seems to be the study by Mobley in which patients were treated initially with a 2-week course of mg erythromycin orally four times daily combined with 10 g sodium bicarbonate with each dose of erythromycin, a lipid soluble basic macrolide with a p K a higher than 8.

Since erythromycin is not active at acid pH because virtually all of the molecules are charged, the author added sodium bicarbonate for urine alkalinization to increase its activity and antibacterial spectrum Sabath et al. Whether the addition of sodium bicarbonate influenced the pH of the prostatic fluid was not measured in the study. According to studies by Pfau et al. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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