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Department of Neurology. In search of distinct MS-related fatigue subtypes: results from a multi-cohort analysis in 1. Zentrale Dimensionen zur Erfassung der Wirksamkeit von Psychotherapie. Structural connectivity changes within the basal ganglia after 8 weeks of sensory-motor training in individuals with chronic stroke Behandlung von Prostatitis cues T, Kessner S, Hollander K, Thomalla G, Welman K Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine.

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Does cladribine have an impact on brain atrophy in people with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis? How does it feel to be operated on the brain?

Automated DWI analysis can identify patients Behandlung von Prostatitis cues the thrombolysis time window of 4. Clinical and genetic characteristics of late-onset Huntington's disease. Iron overload is accompanied by mitochondrial and lysosomal dysfunction in Behandlung von Prostatitis cues mutant cells. Corrigendum to "Impaired eye blink classical conditioning distinguishes dystonic patients with and without tremor" [Park.

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The somatotopy of tic inhibition: Where and how much? Intracranial SEPs recordings - The new way to go? Modulating pathological oscillations by rhythmic non-invasive brain stimulation-a therapeutic concept?

A collaborative sequential meta-analysis of individual patient data from randomized trials of endovascular therapy and tPA vs. Wie hilfreich ist High-Tech? Jahrestagung der DGN Stent-retriever thrombectomy after intravenous t-PA vs. Stammzelltransplantation bei Multipler Sklerose. Could deep brain stimulation help with driving for patients with Parkinson's?

Dystonia with aphonia, slow horizontal saccades, epilepsy and photic myoclonus: A novel syndrome? Reply to R. Erro and M. Compliance, Codex, Conflict of Interest.

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Buhmann C Der Hausarzt. Autofahren bei M. Quantitative measurements of relative fluid-attenuated inversion recovery FLAIR signal intensities in acute stroke for the prediction of time from symptom onset. The extent of perfusion deficit does not relate to the visibility of acute ischemic lesions on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery imaging.

L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase deficiency protects from metabolic syndrome. The placebo response in medicine: minimize, maximize or personalize? Annual Meeting of the Children's Tumor Foundation. Comparability of 1. Bewusstseinsstörungen und Enzephalopathien.

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Impact of protein content on proton Behandlung von Prostatitis cues in intracranial cysts. The influence of music and music therapy on pain-induced neuronal oscillations measured by magnetencephalography. The aging motor system as a model for plastic changes of GABA-mediated intracortical inhibition and their behavioral relevance. Clinical Neuropathology practice guide post-herpes simplex encephalitis: N-methyl-Daspartate receptor antibodies are part of the problem. Regulatory T cells are strong promoters of acute ischemic Behandlung von Prostatitis cues in mice by inducing dysfunction of the cerebral microvasculature.

Relapsing cerebral aspergilloma associated with pregnancy. Early infarct FLAIR hyperintensity is associated with increased hemorrhagic transformation after thrombolysis. Neural response to emotional stimuli during experimental human endotoxemia. Recovery from severe frontotemporal dysfunction at 3years after N-methyl-d-aspartic acid NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis. Association between clinical signs assessed by manual segmental examination and findings of the lumbar facet joints on magnetic resonance scans in subjects with and without current low back pain: a prospective, single-blind Behandlung von Prostatitis cues Mainka T, Lemburg S, Heyer C, Altenscheidt J, Nicolas V, Maier C PAIN.